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The founder of Laba-Tex holds a water-absorbing barrier on a leaky


Be proactive, avoid water leaks or spills in your premises. The most suitable solution: Laba-Tex water absorbent mats and barriers. Designed and manufactured in Lithuania. These are our best products with technologically advanced absorbent polymers. Like you, Laba-Tex cares about the ecology of the planet, so we do not use glue, binders or latex in our production.

Redzinaldas Mickus

Founder of Laba-Tex Trademark

For home

Protect your home assets. Laba-Tex water absorbent mats and  barriers, our best solutions against water leaks and spills. Stay proactive, always have Laba-Tex water absorbents on hand. If a radiator, dishwasher or refrigerator leaks unexpectedly, Laba-Tex water-absorbing mats are the best way to protect your floor. Water spilled during a flood, no problem, Laba-Tex's best water absorbent barriers will keep your basement or garage from flooding.

The Laba-Tex water absorbing barrier protects the home's floors from spills from leaks

For business

Laba-Tex water absorbent mats and barriers are perfect for commercial spaces. It is the proactive management of water leaks and spills. With Laba-Tex water absorbent mats and barriers, you can prevent losses due to accidents in public toilets, common areas of shopping centers, restaurant kitchens and offices. Get ready with Laba-Tex water absorbent barriers and mats to protect your business premises, staff and customers.

The Laba-Tex barriers used in the business are at the urinal to stop the flowing water.jpg

For spaces

Laba-Tex universal and ecological water-absorbing barriers can reliably protect your open spaces from the elements. Laba-Tex barriers are water-absorbing barriers that will help against rain, floods and rapidly melting snow. Strategically placed Laba-Tex solutions will help stop unwanted water flow. Proactively use Laba-Tex water absorbent mats and barriers to keep your premises dry in all weather conditions.

Laba-Tex barriers protect business premises from flooding by creating an effective barrier.jpeg

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