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Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the most suitable?

In our online store, you can purchase water absorbents of different sizes: strips (hose-barrier) and mats. The main difference between the proposed measures is the amount and form of absorbed water. 

For example, compact strips measuring just 120 cm x 10 cm can absorb up to 8 liters of water. This is a much higher amount of absorbed water compared to a normal cloth or paper roll. 

In the event of an emergency or just a water spill disaster, grab and strategically place Laba-Tex Water Absorbent Tapes to act as a hose to stop the flow of water into your premises.

What problem does it solve?

According to emergency services specialists, most of the disasters in households are caused by problems related to water engineering networks. Laba-Tex water absorbents can help prevent damage and loss. Water absorbent mats work much easier and faster than the usual tools: a bucket and a cloth. For larger water spills, Laba-Tex has a solution to quickly contain the spread of water indoors. Our advanced water absorbent tapes will not only absorb water, but will swell to form a reliable barrier. In this way, Laba-Tex water absorbents will protect household property from possible even greater damage. Be proactive, purchase Laba-Tex Water Absorbers and prevent accidents from destroying your property.

How it works?

Discover the simplicity of Laba-Tex water absorbents. Our advanced water absorbent mats and barriers are lightweight, compact and incredibly effective. They quickly and reliably absorb huge amounts of water. In the event of an emergency, Laba-Tex water absorbents will help:

  • respond to unexpected flows and floods,

  • protect against possible water damage,

  • remove water from hard-to-reach places.

Laba-Tex water absorbers are a solution that you can easily adapt to the management of water leaks and spills in households and businesses. Buy Laba-Tex products now as a preventative measure. Be proactive and protect your property and people.

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